Ethan and Gemma

Ethan and Gemma

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Gemma's First Christmas, Part 2: Christmas Day

So of course, Gemma decided that Christmas morning would be the perfect day to sleep in. I thought that once you had a kid, you didn't have to come up with an excuse for being up early on Christmas morning anymore, that the kiddo was supposed to be up first, waking everyone up? Not the case. We were both awake and Gemma just kept snoozing away. Finally she woke up and we got to open presents!!!

The present-opening went better than expected. Gemma was actually way more aware of what was going on and way more into it than we thought she would be. Each time something new appeared from the wrapping paper, she would reach for it and play with it until something new came along. Her favorite present by far that morning was the toy laptop she received from her friend Lucy.Cy and I got lots of great presents as well. In fact, we ended up getting each other the same present - a universal remote for the XBox 360. We both thought we were very clever surprising the other with the remote, since it was on neither of our Christmas lists.

Around lunchtime, we headed over to Frank and Andrea's for some roast and more presents. Gemma got some more super fun toys, and modeled a Christmas bow for us.

Cy and I both scored some Legos and a few other nice things. When I opened my Lego Imperial Flagship, Noah exclaimed: "Wow! I want that for Christmas!" But he seemed pretty content with his fun new set of interactive talking dinosaurs and his new digital camera. By the time we finished opening presents, poor little Gemma was absolutely exhausted, so we drove back home so she could get a nice long nap. It was a really great day - Gemma seemed to enjoy her very first Christmas.

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