Ethan and Gemma

Ethan and Gemma

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Top Ten Signs You Need a New Ob/Gyn

These are not in any particular order, because they are all equally bad and I couldn't even figure out how to rank them.

1. They have 4 different due dates for you in their system and they eventually decide in the third trimester when you are feeling large and ready to have the baby to go with the due date that is farthest out.

2. According to this latest due date, it would have been physically impossible for you to have had a positive pregnancy test yet when you did, but they still insist they are right.

3. You go in at 33 weeks (according to them) and they do an ultrasound and decide they were wrong and you are are really only 31 weeks.

4. In the same breath that they are telling you that the ultrasound clearly shows you are only 31 weeks, they also tell you how ultrasounds get less and less accurate the further along you are. Um. . .

5. You go in at 36 weeks and they are randomly insisting that you are only 33 weeks.

6. In regard to #5, they have lost the ultrasound mentioned in #3 and have to go hunting around the office a good ten minutes to get the due date sorted out. . .again. (And I'm doubtful that it has actually been sorted out for good, since we spend about 20 minutes every visit arguing about my due date.)

7. You technically pass your glucose test and they diagnose you with gestational diabetes anyway.

8. Your sugar levels are consistently well under 100 (they are supposed to be 120 or under) and they still insist you have gestational diabetes.

9. In the same breath that they tell you your baby is measuring slightly small, they schedule an ultrasound to check the baby's growth not because of the small measurement, but because gestational diabetes patients are at high risk for delivering large babies. (???)

10. You call the office at 36 weeks not sure if you are having contractions and wondering about preterm labor and they wait about 3 hours to call you back and another 2-3 hours to get you in to the office to check (even though they think you are only 33 weeks along), so that by the time they start monitoring you, the contractions have stopped and they say you were never having any at all.

A P. S. to #10 - Forgot to add that while I was being monitored, the nurse came in and said that I was definitely having contractions and then a few minutes later, the doctor came in and said I was having no contractions at all. Awesome.


Aubrey said...

sheesh. that is awful. and dont worry about her being small - you and cy are both small. small parents = small babies. sorry it's been so bad. it will be over soon.

Flack Family said...

You need to write a book about these kind of things - they always happen to you!!! So what is your "due date" now? But baby Shealy will come when she's ready . . .no matter what they say your due date is!! Hang in there - even though it seems like forever, she'll be here soon!

hardeewhites said...

Are you sure you are not seeing my same dr? I had the same issues with the due date. I would have had a pos test a week after conception to be the date they told me. I measured 2 weeks ahead on all of my ultrasounds except one (and I had like, 8 ultrasounds). I actually went into labor on my due date (which I still thought was 2 weeks late) and had an 9 lb 9 oz baby. I justify going into labor on my due date that many first time moms are overdue. Who knows!