Ethan and Gemma

Ethan and Gemma

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Additional Sign - Top Ten Signs You Need a New Ob/Gyn

After reading Carissa's post I can help but make one addition that references the incident where we went to their office this past week and they said she was at 33 weeks and 4 days. Below is my account of said incident:

After waiting for a short little while they called Carissa's name and we headed back. As usual they needed her to make a stop in the restroom. She went into the bathroom and I waited just outside of the door. In an attempt to save lives I turned to the nurse.

Cy: "When Carissa called this morning she mentioned that the nurse said she was at 33 weeks and 4 days. I just wanted to let you know that she is at 36 weeks. I would not tell her she is at 33 weeks and 4 days."

Nurse: "Let me check her chart." After glancing at the chart she looks up and says, "Sir...we have her listed at 33 weeks and 4 days."

Cy: "From the beginning there has been an issue with her due date. We were told four different dates spanning from May 3rd to May 13th. At her last appointment they officially picked May 13th so she is at 36 weeks."

Nurse: "How do you figure 36 weeks?"

Cy: "Well it's April 13th."

Nurse: "What of it?"

Cy: "May 13th is a month from today."

Nurse: "So?"

Cy: "Well there are four weeks in a month."

Nurse: "Oh! Let me see what is going on."

Carissa: "I am NOT at 33 weeks and 4 days."

Cy: "Try not to let this bother you I am working on it."

Much later it turns out that the computer was to blame. Being a computer programmer I was dying to see what computer program they use that can't get dates correct. I pretty much figured that there wasn't a single computer program around that still couldn't get date functionality right...but alas they wouldn't let me look at their program. Perhaps they were scared I would write something better while we were waiting in their office. Perhaps I would have if it could not add up the dates. OR perhaps there was no computer glitch and since a computer can't speak for itself they just blamed it on the poor computer. I am coming to this conclusion based on the lack of calculations done by the nurse during our conversation. Don't get me wrong I am all for computers doing any sort of mathematical grunt work but I still believe in basic math skills for people.

Anyhow...just thought I would share.


Jeff said...

Cy, this whole thing is a huge bummer. I think it is a sign that you should go to Aubrey for your OB care with the next baby!

Also, remember that as soon as sweet little baby Shealy is born you won't even think about all the inconveniences and annoyances of pregnancy. Mostly because you'll be too flippin' tired to think about anything other than when the baby is going to stop crying so you can get a nap!

Carissa said...

I wish Aubrey was here so we could! Maybe we'll just have to drive up to Greenwood with the next one!