Ethan and Gemma

Ethan and Gemma

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

9 Months Old

Ethan turned 9 months old this past Saturday, and had his checkup this morning.  He FINALLY learned to crawl forward this past week (he has been crawling very well, but only backward, for over a month) and is ALL OVER THE PLACE now.  The unfortunate thing is that he gets so excited when he makes it all the way to the hardwood floor in the kitchen that he starts bouncing up and down and promptly falls on his face and hurts himself.  Every. single. time.

Anyway, we took him for his checkup this morning and he weighed 20 pounds even (67th percentile), which is what Gemma weighed at her TWO YEAR checkup, and was 28.75 inches long (56th percentile).  So his growth rate has actually slowed a bit, but he is still a great big boy.

And so happy and cute:

Although apparently he looks an awful lot like I did as a little kid:

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