Ethan and Gemma

Ethan and Gemma

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Halloween Pillowcase Dresses

I had seen a super cute tutorial for making Halloween pillowcase dresses and decided to make a couple for Gemma.  I hit up Goodwill and scored a few pillowcases for $0.99 each (who has orange pillowcases anyway?  Not being Clemson fans, we certainly didn't at our house!).  I decided to tackle a pumpkin dress first.  When I started the project, I didn't stop to consider that a full-sized pillowcase works pretty well on a 5 or 6 year old (and that's a normal sized kid, not a Shealy) so it would most likely be huge on Gemma.  I ended up cutting off about half of the pillowcase so it is fine lengthwise, but is pretty baggy on the sides.  The good news is that she will probably be able to wear it for a couple more years.  Even though the pillowcase ended up not being ideal, the dress still looked really cute, and she looked so cute in it.  She actually got very excited when I put it on her, and was running around the house smiling like crazy.  (Her daddy had to hold her by the arms for me to snap a picture.)

I wanted to make a ghost dress as well, and decided to tweak the project a bit so that it would be a better fit for her than the pumpkin dress.  I decided to combine this ghost dress tutorial with this fat quarter dress tutorial that I used for a dress I previously made.  This worked so much better!  I also wanted to spice it up and make it a little girlier than the pumpkin dress.  So I picked out two matching quarters in a very pretty white fabric with a faint gray floral pattern.  I wanted black ribbon with pink polka dots for the ties and the hem, but all I could find was this pink with black polka dots, which ended up looking really cute.  I know I may be a bit biased, but she's pretty much the cutest ghost ever.

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