Ethan and Gemma

Ethan and Gemma

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Higher than Heaven...the Class of 2011

Or at least, that's what the valedictorian of Richmond Senior High school said as she wrapped up her speech.  (She also challenged the graduates: Why reach for the stars, when you can be one?  Pretty thought-provoking stuff, huh?)

Cy took this past Friday off and we loaded up the car and drove to Ellerbe for my sister's high school graduation.  Graduation was Friday at 8 pm at the high school stadium, and boy was it hot and crowded in those bleachers.  Since the ceremony didn't even start until 8 pm, Cy stayed at the house with Gemma while I attended the ceremony with my parents.  My uncle, aunt, and two cousins drove in from Virginia just in time to see Rachel get her diploma.  And like I said, it was hot and crowded.  My parents and I left the house around 7 thinking we would have plenty of time to get a seat.  Not so much.  Fortunately, my parents seem to know everyone in the whole town (not too hard in a town that small), so my mom was able to score us some seats.  Then we sat on the bleachers under a blazing hot setting sun and dripped sweat as we watched the graduates circle the track and take their seats on the field.   At the beginning of the ceremony, they recognized the National Honor Society graduates and Rachel was the first name to be called.  Then we watched her get her diploma.  We were very proud of her. 

After graduation was over, we were starving so we decided to hit up the Sonic Drive-In.  We were in two cars, and right after my parents drove off, Rachel and I were lucky enough to witness a crime: a hit-and-run involving a truck and a fluorescent light.  Two guys driving a big truck apparently didn't realize that their truck did not fit under the drive-thru, so they came blasting through scraping the ceiling and demolished one of the fluorescent lights.  When they realized they were destroying the Sonic Drive-Thru, they slowly backed up, rear-ended another sign, backed into the oncoming traffic, and took off.  It was pretty much the slowest, lamest getaway ever.  Then all the employees came running out yelling and calling the cops, and we decided to leave since it was already like 11:00 and we didn't really want to stay at Sonic all night and be questioned by the cops.  Fun times.

Since we were already exhausted, Gemma decided to wake up at 2:30 am and want to play.  I tried to put her in bed with us hoping just to get her calmed down and back to sleep but this just convinced her it was playtime - she started smacking me in the face and laughing.  Not fun. 

The next day, I helped my mom and sister get ready for a graduation party.  We decorated the church fellowship hall with decorations in green and gold, the Richmond Raider colors.  It was a nice party with some family and friends.

That night, Gemma decided to just scream nonstop for an hour or two as we were going to bed.  She has been getting some more teeth and apparently just really hates her pack and play (don't blame her too much) and was refusing to sleep.  So at 11:00 that night, we loaded her up and drove to Wal-Mart (which was super scary at that hour), then doped her up with some infant ibuprofen and some night-time Orajel and finally got some sleep.  The next morning, Cy and Gemma ended up staying home from church so Gemma could get a good nap.  The graduates were honored again during the church service, and afterward, there was a covered dish dinner for them as well.  Then after that, we loaded up and headed back to Charleston.  We brought the recent high school graduate with us for the week - she is enjoying some relaxing in Charleston before she starts her summer volunteer work at the hospital next week.  And on Friday, she gets to register for classes at CSU.  We are so proud of her, and we are very excited to have her near us at CSU for the next four years!

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