Ethan and Gemma

Ethan and Gemma

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

9 Month Checkup...finally

We finally made it in for Gemma's 9 month checkup today.  (Now that she is 10 months + 8 days old.)  She was doing well over all - still on the growth charts (surprisingly) albeit just barely, but is growing at about the same rate she has been all along.  I'm looking at the paper now that they gave us with her stats and they must have written them down wrong or I'm really not understanding, because what I'm seeing is this:  Height - 108, HC - 24, and Weight - 16 lbs., 8 oz.  I know the weight is correct (she will be in a rear-facing car seat forever!) but I can't seem to make those other two come out to legitimate stats for Gemma (maybe the 24 is actually her length?  She is pretty small!).  Oh well.  They did say that she is around the 5th percentile for weight, the 7th percentile for length, and the 25th percentile for her head size.

We talked to the pediatrician about some feeding concerns while we were there.  Gemma's next appointment is a few days after birthday and we will discuss a plan for her milk-wise then (since she has had a milk protein allergy in the past).  We also discussed what to do as far as giving her meat.  She has only tried meat once - a jar of turkey that caused her to break out in hives.  We were unsure if it was the turkey itself or the preservatives that caused the breakout, so he wants us to try some homemade pureed chicken (doesn't that sound delicious?) and see how that goes.  If that causes a reaction as well, we will probably have to have some allergy testing done to determine the extent of her allergies.  I really hope it does not come to that - I have had allergy testing done on myself and know how unpleasant it is.  I cannot imagine administering that type of testing to a young baby who cannot understand what is going on.  So I will be whipping up some super yummy chicken puree this week and hoping for the best.

Other than her food allergies, she seems to be doing great.  Can't believe that her first birthday is getting so close already!

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Aubrey said...

usually when allergy testing in a baby, they do a blood test as opposed to a skin prick test. At least, I know they can do a blood test, so hopefully that is what they'd do. A blood draw isn't much fun, but definitely better than the skin prick.

Allergy testing would probably be helpful - since she has so many allergies already, you might want to know if she is allergic to peanuts, which is common in kids with all the other allergies.

Love the recent pics! She is just so adorable!