Ethan and Gemma

Ethan and Gemma

Monday, July 21, 2008

Cy's Near-Death Experience

Last week, left work in the Mini to head out for some lunch. About 5 minutes after he left, he called to tell me that as he was driving down 526, an eighteen-wheeler in front of him lost a tire, which then flew up and shattered the windshield of the Mini. Of course, I was freaking out, and I said, "Are you ok?!" and he responded, "Well, I'm bleeding a little bit, but I think I'm okay." Which of course freaked me out even more. I was picturing him standing on the side of 526 with large pieces of glass sticking out of him and blood gushing everywhere. He was okay though--he just had a few nicks on his hands and arms from the millions of little pieces of glass that were sprayed across the dashboard. He had had to crawl over the seats to exit on the passenger side of the car (so as not to be hit by a car) and had encountered some glass while doing so. He sounded surprisingly calm (typical Cy) but I found out later that he was pretty freaked out about it.

What was bad too was that tons of people at work who were also out at lunch recognized the car and thought we had been in some terrible accident. People were calling, emailing, and coming over to our desks to see what happened. Which was nice to know that they cared and were worried about us. :)

After much drama, Cy was finally able to get the car towed and get a ride back to work. The car has now been in the shop for most of last week, and we got a call from them Friday saying that it would probably be two more weeks before we could get the car back. Apparently there was so much glass inside the car that they were unable to do the repairs. They had to send the car to the Mini maintenance folks to have them do a full maintenance on all the systems, especially the air conditioner, which they said was full of glass. After that, they will send it back to the body shop to replace the windshield. I will try to post some pictures of the car later if I can. It was one of those bizarre freak accidents, and really pretty unbelievable. But the most important thing is that Cy is all in one piece.

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Psycho T all the Way said...

yeah, it woulda been nice if someone had told me that cy was almost smashed 2 pieces!!! I got no information while I was away.

See ya Friday!!!