Ethan and Gemma

Ethan and Gemma

Friday, November 18, 2011

Ready to Road Trip

I've had the book One Yard Wonders checked out from the library for a couple of months now and I finally got around to making a few things out of it.  This is an excellent book of simple sewing projects that are actually useful (I'm asking for my own copy for Christmas).  Since we have a couple of road trips coming up for the holidays, I decided to tackle a few sewing projects this week that might be useful for road-tripping.  Here is what I accomplished.

A pretty purple cover for my neck pillow in two contrasting fabrics:

This was not from the book; I made my own pattern.  This was my second attempt at making a cover for my neck pillow - the first one I made was too small.  This was also my first attempt at sewing a zipper which was rather painful.  I think I ripped out more stitches than I actually sewed but I eventually finished it. 

A trash bag for the car (this is from the book):

A bed pocket to hold my Kindle, books, etc. (also from book):

(My mom gave me a bunch of different colored camo fabric from her fabric stash recently.  Hence the camo.  Which means that most of the supplies for these projects were free!  All I purchased was a zipper, a parachute buckle (for trash bag), pink bias tape for the bed pocket, and I made the neck pillow cover from two fat quarters I had purchased earlier for 97 cents each.  So I made all of this for under $10!)

I'm all set for holiday road trips now!

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Kelly Shealy said...

Hey Carissa! I love your car trash bag - such a great idea! If you want to make me one of those for Christmas I wouldn't complain ;)