Ethan and Gemma

Ethan and Gemma

Monday, June 2, 2008

A Quarter of a Century Old!

Saturday was my 25th birthday!!! I'm now a quarter of a century old!!! My birthday was fantastic, possibly the best birthday I've ever had. My birthday began around 7 am when I woke up and got to open my presents.

Said presents included: a pink seersucker purse with flamingos (full of goodies), the DVD of Persuasion (with Ciaran Hinds as Captain Wentworth), the DVD of Northanger Abbey, the new YA Meg Cabot book, Airhead, and the new Jennifer Weiner book, Certain Girls. I had already gotten a pair of D&G aviator sunglasses from Cy as an early birthday present a few weeks ago.After opening presents, we headed out to the tennis courts. We enjoyed a solid hour of some good rallying back and forth. We even got to play with an older guy named Jerry whom we've seen out there for a few Saturdays. He seemed to have a lot of fun hitting with us.

After tennis, we had a nice, leisurely breakfast at IHOP. Then we went home for some relaxation before our big evening. We enjoyed a nice afternoon of reading, rocking out on Guitar Hero, and enjoying some leftover chicken tortilla soup (and some cookies on our flamingo party plates).

Around 5, all dressed up, we went downtown for our reservation at Oak. We got to sit tucked away in a quiet little corner on the second floor. Cy had told them it was my birthday, so they were extra attentive. We both ordered the 7 oz. filet mignon. I ordered mine with a gorgonzola cream sauce, and Cy had the balsamic barbecue sauce. We got a family sized side of whipped potatoes. The steaks were the tastiest, juciest, most delicious steaks we had had since last time we went to Oak, and the potatoes were delicious (and so creamy!). Afterward, I ordered a slice of cheesecake and Cy ordered a piece of the 6-layer chocolate cake (that came with a shotglass of milk!). When they brought my cheesecake, it had a candle in it, and they had written "Happy Birthday" in syrup on the plate.

Overall, it was a wonderful birthday. So much so that I'm not even feeling bad about hitting the big 2-5. :)

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